Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The neverending wait

I wanted to give an update on the latest with our neverending wait to bring Edgars home...
Helen was able to go to the Orphan Court on Monday. She said that the lady at the Orphan Court had consulted with her colleagues and they were reluctant to approve Edgars to come to school in America for a long period of time(we were requesting thru High School). They had lots of questions for Helen. They wanted to know why Helen was coming instead of Natalija(Edgars' foster mom). They were afraid Natalija would not be in agreement with this. Helen assured them that she is... but she is going to double check with Natalija and make sure that she is being honest and even get her to write a letter to the court. They also wanted to know why we weren't adopting him and she had to explain that. After much discussion the lady agreed that it seems it would be in the best interest of Edgars for him to be in our care. However, if they approve it, it will probably be on a year by year basis. This does not mean that we will have to go to Latvia every year, just that they will have to look at the situation each year and make sure Edgars is happy and healthy.
Helen asked us to rewrite our letter to the Orphan court and include in there a paragraph about the fact that we want to adopt Edgars but can not due to our age. She said that we need to show them the bond we have with him and let them "hear our hearts". I expressed to her my concern that if he comes for a year and then they make him come back that is going to be harder on everybody involved. She truly feels that if he is happy, stable and growing they will leave him. The Orphan Court has above all else, Edgars best interest in mind.
Both Shiloh Hills Christian School and Furtah Prep have agreed to take Edgars. So placing him in a school is not a problem. Helen wanted to wait for the Language School because she is familiar with it. I assured her that both of these schools are good schools and that Edgars will be fine there until the Language School is able to accept him.
I rewrote the letter to the Orpahn Court and emailed it to Helen. She gave it her stamp of approval. Now all I have to do is get all the documents gathered up and on their way. Helen didn't think I would need to have everything notarized and apostilled but I think we may anyway just in case. I would hate for the process to be slowed even more by something as small as a stamp that costs $3. Also the school mailed me the I 20 and a letter of acceptance last Friday and I have not received it. My notary mailed me some documents I had forgotten last Friday and I have not received those either. I called the post office to inquire about the delay but they were no help. It seems like roadblocks every way we turn. So tomorrow I will go hand pick up the I-20 and I guess I will go back to the bank and get another copy of the letter and get it notarized again. Oh the joy of paperwork!
Edgars is doing fine. He is out of school this week and loving having all day to play and goof off. Even though it is very cold every time I call he is outside playing! At least he is getting a break from the rough time he has been having at school lately.
Well..until next time...keep the prayers coming!

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