Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Change of Plans

After a tear filled day Gene and I have decided not to wait for The Language School to get approval before bringing Edgars on the Visa. Edgars' school is not a good situation. He is being bullied among other things. We feel very strongly that we need to get Edgars HOME with us as soon as possible. After contacting several schools, I found a school called Furtah Prep that is willing to accept Edgars on a temporary basis until TLS is approved in SEVIS. I am going to go tomorrow and submit an application and pay the registration fee and get the ball rolling. They can probably issue the I-20 form that we need by Friday. I have A LOT of information to gather between now and then. I am praying that Helen has the time to go to the Orphan Court and get the ball rolling on her end. Please pray for us!! I have no idea how we will get this all done or how we will pay for it. But as I have said so many times before in this whole process --- GOD IS BIG!!
Until next time...

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