Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Three weeks are gone.

We cannot believe that three weeks are gone. On our way to the dentist today Edgars said that time goes so fast. I agree. Time does go fast; that’s why I teach my boys to give thanks to God for a new day, value every single day and enjoy it.
The third week was wonderful as the previous ones. James and Edgars are getting to know each other better. They are spending more time with each other and their conversations are different now and more peaceful:).
The highlights of this week are: The Birds of Prey Show; The Magic Show; our visit with the Burell’s family; the laser show at the Stone Mountain Park; Jenna and Jack’s visit, and Edgars’ visit to the best dentist! (today:). As you see, we had a full week (again:). All shows and visits were wonderful, but one of them was special. My dear friend and a sister in Christ Jenna came to meet Edgars with her 6 y.o. son Jack yesterday, and Edgars shared with us how he came to know Jesus. Oh, how I grateful to our Father that HE is everywhere! It is so precious to me!
Thank you all for praying for us. Please continue to pray for God’s perfect plan in Edgars’ life.

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