Thursday, June 14, 2007

Day 2.

Edgars and James both took part in the finale of the BibleSchool program last night, which held over 200 children. Edgar had a blast! They had snow cones that turned their mouths blue which was a big plus, got wet, and the highlight I think was Edgar sprayed me down good with water. He is already just melting into us as a family. We got new sandals and a pair of Crocs yesterday for him. Today he has a dentist appointment with the best dentist in town. During one of the break times at the KidFest, he came up and had to lean on my leg and put my arm around him. When we went to the store he wanted to go with me rather than stay with Lana and had to hold my hand most of the time in the parking lot and in the store itself. I was very pleased about this as Lana is the one that talked to him most of the time on the phone and I have really been with him so little, up to this point. With my work, his Bible School, sleeping and me having to drive it really has limited to this point the large amount of prime time I have had with him. But of course this is not even 2 days into the visit yet. James has had his moments yesterday when you could tell there were some opportunities to meld a little better with dealing with another sibling, but it was all very minor stuff and there wasn't any tension between them at all. They still played computer together and Edgars slept in the spare bed in James' room once more last night and they were sleeping soundly this morning when I left for work.

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