Thursday, January 11, 2007

The kids arrived home safely!

I got a call from Edgars yesterday morning to let me know he was home. He was very sick on the flight. He blamed it on the Airborne I gave him and the fact that Ruta would not stop talking. He sounded very tired and said he slept very little.
He goes back to school next Monday. Please pray for him and that he will be able to hold on for just a few more months until he can come home to America!
Also please pray for Liza, Janis, and Ruta who did not find adoptive families on this trip. Please pray that God will send the family he has planned for them, just like he did for Edgars!
Gene will be leaving in just a few weeks to go to Latvia. If you have any donations, they would be greatly appreciated! Especially board games, shoes and head lice treatment. Just let us know!
Have a great day!

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